Bianca Zidik's main philosophy as a designer is to design garments that are fun, funky and free-spirited for the fashion forward woman.

The Bianca Zidik Story...

Born and raised in Pennsylvania. Bianca Zidik began designing clothing and sewing at a young age.  At 16, she attended a pre-college program in NYC at LIM College to learn fashion marketing and visual display.  At 18, She received the Passion For Fashion Scholarship award and moved to Chicago, Illinois to study at the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago.  In 2015 she showed her first collection at her school's fashion show and won "Honorable Mention" for her Incurvation evening-wear collection.  In 2016 she was selected as one of the few fashion design students in Chicago to present her Carnaby Street collection at the Driehaus Design Initiative for Fashion Excellence.  At her school's fashion show in 2016 she won "BEST OF SHOW" award.  In 2016 she received her BFA in Fashion Design, with a specialization in corsetry, transformational reconstruction, and tailoring.  Her biggest accomplishment In 2016 was when she was selected as one of the nine students across America to present her collection down NEW YORK FASHION WEEK September 8, 2016 to present her Carnaby Street collection for SS17.  Bianca is currently employed as a Clothing Associate / Seamstress at the Milton Hershey School in Pennsylvania while starting her clothing line.  She is also has a shop in Cleona, PA offering alterations while working on her clothing line. 

Bianca has always been inspired by Betsey Johnson, so she's definitely not afraid of color!  She takes just about every opportunity that comes to her, and plans on making it big in the fashion industry. Bianca is an extremely passionate and determined person, and has become a perfectionist when it comes to her sewing abilities. She hopes to sell her new collections wholesale very soon to boutiques and major retail stores.

"When the inside looks as good as the outside, that's the perfection I aim for"  -Bianca Zidik


Bianca was selected as one of the nine students across America to present her collection down NYFW on September 8, 2016

 Taking the stage with one of my models wearing my Carnaby Street Collection.

Taking the stage with one of my models wearing my Carnaby Street Collection.

The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago

2016 Fashion Show

The show started with my Coachella Ready Collection, and closed the show with my Carnaby Street Collection.  

I was awarded the "Best of Show" Award for my Carnaby Street Collection

Driehaus Design Initiative for Fashion Excellence

I was selected as one of the few fashion design students from my school to show my collection at the Driehaus Design Initiative. This event was seriously one of the biggest and best nights of my life!

Check out my blog page to read more about the event.

 Bianca Zidik's Carnaby Street Collection - photo by Scene Network

Bianca Zidik's Carnaby Street Collection - photo by Scene Network

Bianca's First School Fashion Show 2015...

My first fashion show I won Honorable Mention for my "Incurvation" S/S 16 evening wear collection.  I always loved evening wear and making dresses.  A semester before the fashion show I took a corsetry design specialties class and made three corsets for the fashion show.  Then I made a fourth corset two days before the show for myself!  I love all the work that goes into  making them.  There's a real skill behind it all.  I also took a Transformational Reconstruction Shingo Sato class where I learned another way of pattern-making basically.  I used these techniques on two dresses in my collection.  I was inspired by Chicago's Architecture walking around the Loop and imagining what Barbie would be wearing in Chicago.

 Photography by  Nicole Picchietti

Photography by Nicole Picchietti

 Photography by  Nicole Picchietti

Photography by Nicole Picchietti

Fashion Icon's Bianca has met...

Betsey Johnson has inspired me at a young age; luckily I was able to attend her 2012 Fall Fashion Show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City at the Lincoln Center.  

I was able to meet my idol backstage after the show. I told her "I made my dress in inspiration of you!" She squeezed me, and gave me her own flowers and then the tears of joy came... 

This was seriously the best day of my life!

Meeting Christian Siriano.  

I met him at his pop-up-shop on Oak Street in Chicago (2015).

 Seeing his journey from Project Runway is a true inspiration!  

One day I hope to be on Project Runway!

Art Shows...

I live for art shows! Selling my creations is exciting!

My first art show in Chicago I made one-of-a-kind children's wear pieces.  I always wanted to make children's wear and this was a great opportunity to try it!  I had a lot of fun making dresses and jacket/pant suits in fun prints and must I say color!


High School Hero...

This woman next to me is my hero, Mrs. Habegger.  My freshman year in high school was the year I finally got to take my first "real" sewing class.  From fifth grade to freshman year I thought I knew everything and had an over confident attitude when taking her sewing class. She proved me wrong with just about everything I thought I knew how to do, but it was just a new and correct way of doing things.  I've learned to fix my mistakes, and to have patience from her classes.  She's taught me just about everything I know in sewing and opened my eyes to learning new techniques.  Now that I'm taking college sewing classes I'm learning more new ways to sew.  I'm very thankful to have had such a great teacher.



 With my manager John Barnet

With my manager John Barnet


I learned so much from this place I needed a journal to keep track of everything I loved about Coach's rules and job tasks.  So one day I'll look back on my Coach journal and incorporate some of those regulations into my business place.  I was a sales associate on the floor selling SLG's (small leather goods), purses, etc...  Whatever the customer was looking for or something I could persuade him/her to get that day (haha).  As long as I sold more than one piece per person I felt good.  I also did not save one penny working there, all my paychecks went to purchasing a new Coach product.  I truly could have worked there for free.  There was not one person I did not enjoy working with, and this is what make me enjoy my job the most.


David's Bridal

When I was in tenth grade I found my first job as a runner at David's Bridal.  A month later I was promoted to Alterations CSR where I was able to help with fittings, do bustles, hand sew beading on bodices, steam dresses, answer the phone and schedule appointments / reminder calls.  This was a great experience working back in the alterations department at only sixteen years old.  After store hours they had me try on new dresses to be put on the floor because I was the sample size! It was so fun, and they got to see how it looked on the body then as well.  When the summer came I left David's Bridal to attend a Pre-College program in NYC at LIM College to earn college credits before returning to my senior year of high school.



LIM College in NYC

I took seven pre-college classes; earned five college credits before going into my senior year of high school. 

This was my favorite and best experience that made me super excited about my future!  I took the following classes: 

  • Visual Display
  • Celebrity Styling
  • Fashion Styling
  • Project Fashion
  • Fashion Field Trips
  • Fashion Show Production Seminar
  • Fashion Police

This program was one month long in NYC, and then I came back to Pennsylvania to start senior year. 





I was a Fashion Design / Creative Pattern-maker at the Chicago Fashion Incubator (CFI) at Macy's on State Street in Chicago.  I interned with the designer Masha Titevisky starting her line: VaryForm Design.  She would give me her sketch and I would be responsible of bringing it to life.  I would drape, pattern, cut and sew the muslin sample, and sometimes in fashion fabric.  It was a great experience.

Where It All Began...




In fifth grade I asked for a sewing machine.  I taught myself how to sew until freshman year of high school when I took my first sewing class.

By age twelve I had my own apron business "Fancy That" selling custom aprons.

In high school I made five custom prom dresses and continue today making custom prom and homecoming dresses.

Determination and Passion can make dreams happen, so never give up! 

My parents have always told me: "If you can dream it, you can live it!"